Common Wealth Seed Growers

We are seed growers, creating and growing a vibrant regional seed system in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. We sell regionally-adapted, open-pollinated, organic seeds for a limited number of great varieties. We grow all the seeds we sell, and we only sell what grows well here. We specialize in Downy Mildew resistant cucurbit seed stocks.

We’re excited to be producing seed for several outstanding new varieties this year, including DMR 401, a slicing cucumber bred at Cornell University. DMR 401 is more productive and much earlier than our initial cucumber release from Cornell, DMR 264. Read more on our varieties offered page.

We’re also excited about the research, breeding and selection work we are doing with winter squash, funded by a grant from Southern SARE in 2016. Read the report here: 2016 Field Day write-up  here: winter-squash-field-day-920-2016

Take a look at our 2016 print catalog here CWS2016Cat_web2 !