Meet the Growers!



Edmund Frost managed the seed growing business at Twin Oaks Community (Louisa, VA) from 2008-2015. After a year of farming west of the Blue Ridge at Sycamore Farm (2016), Edmund is back in Louisa. He is part of a new intentional community project called Mimosa Community, and is again growing seeds in collaboration with Twin Oaks.  Edmund does breeding and variety trial research work with a variety of vegetable crops, especially focused on cucurbits. He has worked as an anti-GMO activist and is committed to building functional alternatives to corporate control of our food, farms and seeds.





Sapphyre Miria lived at Twin Oaks Community in Louisa, Virginia for five years before departing with Edmund for new adventures. She is now living in Louisa after a year in the mountains and sure is happy to be back. Sapphyre has been growing vegetables and seed crops for six years now and continues to pursue her passion of deepening her relationship to medicinal herbs. She believes that it is essential for personal autonomy and freedom that everyday people control their own food, seed and medicine systems, rather than corporations like Monsanto and big pharma. Her favorite vegetable crops are corn, gourds and squash. She wears a lot of hats for CWSG, including website maintenance, accounting and order-fulfillment. 




Jason Myers-Benner scratches his lifelong sustainable agriculture itch by homesteading, chicken breeding, seed saving, and plant variety development together with his wife, Janelle, and three daughters at Tangly Woods Homestead in Keezletown, VA, where they have lived since 2005.  His breeding focus is on developing and/or preserving plant and animal strains that are reliable partners for people who meaningfully depend on their domesticated species and wish to minimize off-farm inputs and elaborate supportive technologies.  This is a natural outgrowth of their primary project of learning the craft of integrated, regenerative sustenance of human life in a given place; they hope the work done at Tangly Woods can be of benefit to others.


Debbie Piesenaugust26-2012-271cher-purple has managed seed growing at Living Energy Farm since 2010, growing seeds and produce on three acres of certified organic land just outside of Louisa, Virginia. LEF is a project to build a self-sufficient farm, community and education center that uses no fossil fuels or grid electricity. She is passionate about identifying and stewarding varieties that really work well for homesteaders and gardeners who grow most of their own food, as well as for market growers.  



betsytriceBetsy Trice grows seed crops and produce at Peacemeal Farm, which she runs with her husband Chris Trice in Hadensville, VA. They also raise meat goats, cattle, and laying hens. In addition to farming, Betsy is an instructor at Reynolds Community College where she teaches Sustainable Agriculture.







Lyndsey Walker worked for several years on the seed growing crew at Twin Oaks. She has now been farming in Buckingham County, Virginia for three years. She is growing seeds as well as produce crops.